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You are right! It's not you, it's everything you've been taught about time.

We're innovating outdated time rules, norms and structures that:

  1. Keep you busy, overwhelmed, overworked and have created a burnout epidemic. 
  2. Weren't created with you in mind (if you're a woman, parent, neurodiverse or have a job that didn't exist 100 years ago)
  3. Have you wasting time, frustrated as you know you are capable of more
  4. Have left you with a poor education on time, and how to optimize it to maximize your performance and your experience of life

We value time, and your time, deeply, and that's why we're all about supporting you so that you have the skills, resources and know-how to optimize your time on, and your time off.

In a world where hustle is celebrated and working harder = working longer, it's no wonder we've become less efficient. 

I get it, only a few years ago I was a proud 7-day-a-week-worker, constantly operating on high alert, with high anxiety and a desire to "say yes to everything", totally rushing to some destination where I'd have "made it."

Where you start has nothing to do with where you finish. And where you are right now means nothing about where you will go. 

Now? I'm a genius when it comes to simplifying, streamlining and achieving more, while doing less. This is Time Hacking, after all, and here we know that doing too much is never going to create success.

If you're reading this, you already know you, or your team, are capable of working smarter.

You know that there are some time-based improvements that can be made. 

And congratulations, you've come to the right place.

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Founder & Creator of the Time Hacker Method. 

I bought into the idea that being in the office 7 days a week meant I would produce bigger, better results, faster. I was proud that I was willing to do more than others, and work longer hours than everyone around me. At one point I was running a startup, launching a podcast, hosting 5x events a week, doing an online MBA and learning a second language - I barely had time to breathe.

Until one day I was on a hike with my husband in Austin, TX, where we'd relocated for our business, and I turned to him, exhausted, frustrated, disappointed and said... "I love the work we do, I love our purpose, but I feel like I have to sacrifice all of me and my life to do it."

I'd bought into the idea that struggle creates success, and hard work (which means long work) is how you hack time. I was on the edge of burnout when he finally said "enough", and we shut the business down. Unwilling to see me drive myself off the edge.


It's time to unhinge from the narrative that success requires sacrifice and the mass marketization of time management that has us believe that if we can't follow a plan or join the 5am club then we're not committed or won't be successful.

Walk with me, and discover the way that you work best, in a nourishing, balanced, and ultimately far more successful way.

What we Believe in

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We don't manage time. We know the truth - time is fixed, predictable and known.

The difference between your most and least productive days isn't time, it's you.

We know your brain is your number one time tool, and is far more powerful than any reminder that can be ignored, alarm that can be silenced, or calendar entry that can be rescheduled.

We get that you've been wired to please others, perfect everything, overwork, care too much what others think and be afraid of failing.

And that's why Time Hacking is equal parts learning and unlearning.

  • Unlearning the outdated time rules and norms that keep you busy but not as successful as you know you could be.
  • Unlearning the idea that you "should" be able to do it all with a smile on your face and energy to spare.
  • Unlearning the idea that there's something wrong with you if you can't follow the plan, complete the to-do-list or complete the work way ahead of the deadline.

It's about learning how you work best, how to set up the internal and external conditions that make it easy for you to succeed, faster.

  • It's about learning how to make sustainable decisions and then how to implement them, fast.
  • It's about learning how to fail forward, always learning, to achieve fast success.
  • It's about learning how to become indistractable in a world full of distractions.
  • It's about learning how to credit yourself for what you've created and stop blaming yourself for what you're yet to create.

It's about hacking time. And it will literally change your life, as it has done for me and hundreds of my clients globally, from different backgrounds, in different industries, at different ages.

Because change doesn't take time. It takes a decision. 

You are a Time Hacker. Join us.


W H A T  P E O P L E  A R E  S A Y I N G ...

"Working with Vikki was a game-changer. As someone who teaches her own productivity framework, I had done a lot in this area. But I still struggled sometimes to accept my own natural tendencies and the inconsistencies of being a human being. Vikki helped me embrace my natural work rhythms and trust that I could get things done in a way that worked for me. When my book comes out in 2024, Vikki will for sure be one of the people thanked at the end!" 


"I am experiencing So. Many. F'ing. Shifts over here! Now the 'scheduling' problem is no more, the opportunities are flooding in..... I have ALL that time and energy that I was losing to the scheduling dither back."



If you are ready to be seen,  supported and coached in ways you've never experienced, then YES! 

If you are ready to QUIT:
>> thinking that things take time
>> putting in ALL the hours
>> doing it how others do even though you hate their way!
>> searching for the perfect planner and writing the perfect 'to-do' list!
>> waking up earlier to create more time!
>> colour-coding that damn calendar! 

>> new decisions that liberate you!
>> confidently experiment to figure out what is YOUR way! 
>> true self leadership, where YOU are the leader of YOU
>> realising the shame, the fear, and begin self-sourcing trust!
>> working less, making more, and living more! 
>> being a well-nourished and well-rested badass! 

Things only take as long as we let them. Time, not money is the currency of life. Let me show you how to become TIME RICH ¬†‚Üď

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