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What Become a Time Hacker Coach (BATHC)

Graduates say about the program

Time Hackers changed my life — and learning how to coach Time Hackers concepts changed my life all over again! I think about myself and my life in such a deeper and more accepting way now. I loved the opportunity to be supported AND challenged by my peer coaches. BATHC was a totally nourishing experience and opportunity to connect with a community of deeply caring people.

I 100% recommend to brand new and experienced coaches. You’re going to walk out of this program with an entirely new, up-levelled skillset as a coach, no matter where you are in your coaching career.

Thanks Vikki for this brilliant program!! I remember when I joined TH at the end of 2021, you told me that you elevate the coaches in the group and…look at me now! I truly can’t wait to get started!! I love this group and the support I’ve felt this whole time - thank you all for making it what it is” 🎉 🎉 🎉

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More feedback from BATHC Grads

BATHC challenged me in many ways. Besides being a place in which I grew my capabilities as a coach in a truly supportive environment, to have modelled collaborative learning so powerfully is a game changes for how I move forward with my containers. Learning in complete safety. It's how all learning should be.

Time Hackers has changed my life. Your coaching on time has transformed my relationship with my business. I want everyone who wants it to have this work and I want to be part of making that happen. I also want to take it to my industry, the members of which could benefit enormously from the concepts but who might be unlikely to find the work as they look to academia rather than the corporate sector for their ideas. TH concepts play a big part in my goal to create a big uptick in the salary and turnover of the sector.

The BATHC program blew my mind – I not only learned all the ways it’s never about TIME but also what I’m capable of when I feel safe to trust in ME. I’ve never felt more held or more heard in any program I’ve been in.

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