Interested in Time Hacker 1:1 Coaching for your Teams?
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Interested in Time Hacker 1:1 Coaching for your Teams?

For Teams

The most accessible Time & Productivity 1:1 coaching program on the planet

Create your most successful

week, and finally feel in control

of your time

  • Access our framework to plan your most productive week and actually follow through on it.

  • Finish the things you've been putting off for weeks without working longer hours.

  • Get personalised, impactful guidance from our best-in-class certified coaches.

"The most effective professional coaching I've every had."
- Christie
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Complete the project you’ve been putting off for months

Get ahead of your workload and create spaciousness

Avoid burnout even if you have too much to do

Have plenty of time for the things that matter

"Powerhouse for Change"

The 1:1 coaching I received was like a powerhouse for change.  Absolute attention, succinct questions and safety, resulting in real life change.  The space allowed for openness, emotion, questioning, and being real.


"Best Time You'll Spend"

The one to one session I had was incredible. I believe 1:1 sessions are the most powerful way to help with transformation and it’s the best time you will spend on yourself which ultimately has a ripple effect on everyone else in your life.


"Already Seeing Results"

I would absolutely recommend a 1:1 session with a TH coach - that 20 minutes was focused, spacious, loving, supportive and so impactful that I immediately implemented what I was coached on and am already seeing results.


Have Your Most Productive Week

Your 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching Package Includes

Laser-focused, high impact 20 minute coaching calls, built with busy people in mind

Book your sessions on-demand to fit in with your schedule, covering all timezones

Easily reschedule your coaching calls when things come up

Best-in-class certified coaches who specialise in the Time Hacker tools and have completed rigorous certification

Select your coach and choose to meet with the same one, or a different one each time

Coaches from a variety of professional backgrounds, education, and experiences

Show up as you are, there's no prep or homework unless you ask for it

Sessions are designed for immediate impact and to give you a high ROI on each single session

On demand micro trainings (5 minutes max) covering "what is coaching", "how to make the most of a session" and more...

What people are saying about 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching

"I Feel More Confident"

I walked away feeling less stressed and thinking that I had to get everything perfect for 2 presentations I was recording that day. I left feeling more confident in what I had to do and the presentations ended up taking far less time than my mind was telling me they would.


"Mind Blown Emoji"

You know that little “mind blown emoji” I had a couple of moments like that but the most impactful/surprising one was the idea of – that this is about building trust with myself. Love that these sessions are time bound and quick – makes it simple & easy to schedule and complete.


"Coaching Rocks"

Huge shoutout to my coach who just supported me in anchoring into my future self to create my weekly schedule. Just has a 1:1 and it was AWESOME. I'm so lit up from it. Thank you for showing me a new/improved way to plan my time in advance. COACHING ROCKS.


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Trusted by hundreds of leaders, employees and entrepreneurs

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Each coach is a Time Hacking expert and is committed to helping you reach your goals, get things done, and do more in less time. 

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Say yes to expert support to start using your time more effectively, completing work that’s been sitting on your to-do list longer than you’d like while creating time outside of work for what matters most to you.

1:1 Coaching Packages


£47/mo + £47 one-time setup fee

Get essential support with
1 coaching session monthly


 Unused coaching sessions rollover to the next month

 Schedule with any coach or work with the same coach each time

 Book on-demand, sessions covering all time zones 

 Easily schedule and reschedule on our intuitive platform

 16 micro-training videos and accompanying audios to listen on the go

 Coaching program resources to support your sessions

 Access to new micro-trainings and program resources as they are released

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£77/mo + £0 one-time setup fee

(£39/coaching session)

Expand your support with
2 coaching sessions monthly 


Includes everything in STARTER


 One-time setup fee waived

 Access to Time Hackers Bonus: Time Investing Sprint delivered to your inbox

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£137/mo + £0 one-time setup fee

(£34/coaching session)

Propel your growth with
4 coaching sessions monthly


Includes everything in GROWTH


 Access to Time Hackers Bonus: Rest Week Masterclass, with 10 video replays

 Access to Time Hackers Bonus: Date Your Goal (DYG) Masterclass, with the DYG Masterclass replay, coaching workshop, workbook, and visualization

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Annual Membership Options 

➜ Pay in full for a year of Growth or Accelerate and get everything already in the monthly packages, plus:

 1 month of coaching for free

 Receive all 24 (Growth) or 48 (Accelerate) coaching sessions up front and book them according to your schedule

More feedback about 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching

"Amazing and Warm"

My Time Hacker Coach was amazing. She was warm, and I felt like she saw who I was even though she had only met me for 20 minutes. She helped me normalize that stress is a thing and that naming it and not trying to put effort into rejecting the stress would help me. All in all, she was fabulous, and I appreciated our time together very much!


"Great Help Developing My Career"

 I really enjoyed my time and the great support given to me by my Time Hacker Coach. She has helped with navigating my way of thinking and this has helped me in my overall experience with time. The activities my coach gave have been a great help and I aim to continue developing my professional career with the guidance my coach provided.


"Power of Coaching"

Absolutely LOVED my coaching with my Time Hacker Coach. I'm so surprised by the power of coaching when I open my mind so much in a few minutes! Things really don't take time! Very inspiring! THANK YOU!!!



Time Hackers 1:1 Coaching Program Resources

All of the coaching resources currently available to support your coaching experience, plus get immediate access to new resources as they are added to the program.

Hack Your Time Podcast

Listen to the Hack Your Time podcast for additional support to supplement your coaching sessions, available on all major podcast platforms.

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