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These things don't take time. They take a decision.

✅ Decide to get supported

✅ Decide now is your time

✅ Decide you are worth investing in

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What people are saying about 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching


1:1 coaching calls nourished my soul, heart, and mind 🙂 As a big nerd, I got all the juicy 1:1s in less than 2 weeks and omg omg it was better than I could imagine! 🙂 I feel so honored to be coached by these brilliant women ❤ ❤


I would absolutely recommend a 1:1 session with a TH coach - that 20 minutes was focused, spacious, loving, supportive and so impactful that I immediately implemented what I was coached on and am already seeing results.


The one to one session I had was incredible. I believe 1:1 sessions are the most powerful way to help with transformation and it’s the best time you will spend on yourself which ultimately has a ripple effect on everyone else in your life.

With a Time Hacker Coaching Package you’ll get:

✔️ 6x laser focused 20 minute 1:1 coaching calls 

✔️ Calls with a Certified Time Hacker Coach who uses the tools themselves to create the transformation you’re craving

✔️ Certified Coach who specialises in the Time Hacker tools and process that are the key to achieving more in less time, without longer hours

✔️You can select your coach and choose to meet with the same one or someone different each week 

✔️ You’ll have 3 months to use the calls, we recommend booking them weekly so you can drastically change your life in 6 weeks

Get 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching

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I walked away feeling less stressed and thinking that I had to get everything perfect for 2 presentations I was recording that day. I left feeling more confident in what I had to do and the presentations ended up taking far less time than my mind was telling me they would.


You know that little “mind blown emoji” I had a couple of moments like that but the most impactful/surprising one was the idea of – that this is about building trust with myself. Love that these sessions are time bound and quick – makes it simple & easy to schedule and complete.


Huge shoutout to my coach who just supported me in anchoring into my future self to create my weekly schedule. Just has a 1:1 and it was AWESOME. I'm so lit up from it. Thank you for showing me a new/improved way to plan my time in advance. COACHING ROCKS.

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Get 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching

More feedback about 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching


My TH coach was amazing. My whole body was able to move out of a very frantic cycle and into one of feeling light after our session. She was warm, and I felt like she saw who I was even though she had only met me for 20 minutes.

She gave me coaching in a way that helped validate my truth and build me up while also pushing me to acknowledge different decisions to be made. Also, she helped me normalize that stress is a thing and that naming it and not trying to put effort into rejecting the stress would help me.

All in all, she was fabulous, and I appreciated our time together very much!


The biggest takeaways from my coaching experience have been how mental and psychological thoughts reflect on time and my productivity. My TH Coach has helped ease my way of thinking. The coaching session has also taught me ways to celebrate myself in work that I do, that I may celebrate others for doing. It helps me have self-reflection on my day-to-day tasks.I really enjoyed my time with Time Hackers coaching and the great support given to me by my coach, she has been a great help with navigating my way of thinking and this has helped me in my overall experience with time. The activities she’ll give have been a great help and I aim to continue developing my professional career with the guidance IB provided.


Absolutely LOVED my coaching with my Time Hacker coach ♥️

I’m all about simplicity and coming to the conclusion that it’s all about making decisions, taking inspired actions on repeat… What if it could be that simple!!

Very inspiring and SO GLAD I’m a part of this community.  THANK YOU!!!

And I mean, in a short amount of time...! I'm so surprised by the power of coaching when I open my mind so much in a few minutes!? Things really don't take time!!!!

More details about 1:1 Time Hacker Coaching packages

  • Coaching packages are 6 x 20 minute coaching calls with a Certified Time Hacker Coach.
  • Upon purchase, you'll be directed to book your first coaching call.

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Time Hackers are gifted 3 1:1 coaching sessions upon joining.

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